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E.JBusuttil, as the proud distributor of Medtronic’s neurovascular portfolio used in the treatment of Ischaemic & Hemorrhagic stroke is honoured to share this news story about Maltese surgeon Prof. Stephen Cordina and his groundbreaking work in alleviating patient suffering using next-generation technology, and of course, a very steady set of surgeon’s hands.

Well done Prof. Cordina!

An aneurism is when a brain artery begins to expand like a bubble and as a result of the collection of blood, then bursts. This increases head blood pressure and carries the risk of death or may cause a stroke. This is a most serious condition which is fatal in a third of those who suffer it, however, may be treated in a three-hour operation.

The majority of patients are cured and quickly recover and are dispatched from hospital on the following day.

Over the last two years I have performed 13 such operations on Maltese patients, thus avoiding their having to be sent to England.

Professor Stephen Cordina