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E.J. Busuttil Ltd is proud to announce that it is the official distributor in Malta for the full range of LEO Pharma products. LEO Pharma is committed to the development, production, and manufacturing pharmaceutical products for dermatologic and thrombotic patients globally. The company’s headquarters are located in Ballerup, Denmark and it is owned by the LEO Foundation. It is represented in more than 100 countries, and recruits more than 5,000 employees worldwide to develop, produce, and market their products.

About LEO Pharma

LEO Pharma’s beginnings date back to 1908, when pharmacists Anton Antons and August Kongsted purchased a pharmacy in Copenhagen. Production started in the basement under their new shop, and eventually the two pharmacists received royal privilege from King Frederick VIII, to run what is nowadays known as the LEO Pharmacy.

By 1914 the pharmacy had already achieved many milestones. In 1912, LEO Pharma introduced Albyl®, the best-selling painkilling product in Denmark, and by 1914 the company started to work its way to becoming globally recognised by establishing its first affiliate, AB LEO Helsingborg in Sweden.

In 1984, the LEO foundation was incorporated to be able to provide the company with a strong foundation to market pharmaceutical drugs. Moving forward to 1990s, the company continued to enjoy multiple successes. In 1991, LEO Pharma launched two of the most renowned products, followed by the keystone psoriasis product, in 2001. The company celebrated its centennial in the year 2008 – with affiliates in 26 countries, products being sold in more than 90 countries, and a record turnover, LEO Pharma truly achieved its goal of having a globally recognised status.

Mission and values

LEO Pharma’s mission is to help patients achieve healthy skin, and ultimately become the leading dermatology care partner people seek in improving their lives worldwide. By uniting globally under this shared vision and mission, they believe they can succeed in further developing and adapting to a constantly fluctuating environment, whilst staying true to their core beliefs and business strategy.

In 2009, the LEO Pharma launched a new global strategy entitled Going for Gold – step by step, with the aim to further expand the company. Bearing this in mind, it is with a shared vision, mission, and core values that the company has managed to be so successful. The common values are: integrity, customer focus, innovation, passion, and adaptability – these do not only mirror how they are constantly working towards improving the lives of so many people, but they are also a reflection of how employees work with one another to achieve desirable results.

LEO Pharma’s workforce and their core beliefs, are the reason as to why the company has achieved so many successes, and how these have been the stepping stones towards contributing to the company’s growth and development.