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Over-the-Counter (OTC) Products

Prevention is better than cure.

E.J Busuttil Ltd has consistently introduced innovative and effective over-the-counter products for children and adults in the Maltese market. We are devoted to giving our customers the opportunity to enjoy the best quality of life.

Distributing OTC Products

We at E.J. Busuttil Ltd, are passionate about health and wellness and offer a wide range of premium nutritional supplements that boost overall health, fill nutritional gaps and overcome deficiencies.

We are committed to providing sustainably sourced products that are supported by a clear scientific platform to deliver the impact and health solution for which they are designed. All products are developed and tested in conformity to the highest standards.

Our Portfolio

Thanks to our dedicated team of professionals at E.J. Busuttil Ltd, we have an extensive over-the-counter portfolio that also includes natural herbal preparations, to address most people’s concerns including low immunity, stress, fatigue, digestive health, metabolic syndrome, pain management, snoring, weight control, venous insufficiency, kids’ health, allergy support, coughs, colds and scarring.

Some of our Brands