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About Malta

More than sunshine and history

Malta is largely known outside its shores for sunshine and architecture. But along with natural and historical attractions, our country also boasts one of the best free healthcare systems in the world.

Malta’s Reputation in Business

Over the years, Malta has built a sterling reputation as a trusted hub for financial services. It is  an EU member state, meaning that Malta conforms to EU directives and provides a well-respected and regulated jurisdiction; with regulation provided by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Maltese commercial law is historically based on English statutes and principles, with all the laws being published in English as well as Maltese.

Favourable Tax Laws and Skilled Workforce

Malta is the home of numerous international businesses who opted to form companies due to its favourable tax laws. While the nominal corporate tax rate in Malta is 35%, a company with foreign shareholders is eligible for 30% tax refund, giving an actual rate of only 5%.

Malta is such a respected service provider due to the quality of its workforce, which is well educated thanks to one of the oldest universities in the Commonwealth. The University of Malta traces its origins to 1592 and produces approximately 3,000 graduates per year. It is also multilingual with English and Maltese being its main languages, however many people also speak Italian or French along with other European languages.

Geographical Benefits

Thanks it is advantageous geographical position, Malta is well-connected for business in the Mediterranean region with multiple budget airlines and Air Malta – Malta’s national airline – which offers direct flights to over 35 European cities.

Additionally, Malta is home to the largest shipping register in Europe and due to its position in the Mediterranean Sea, it is a convenient gateway between North Africa and Middle East.

Finally, Malta is a politically stable country with a growing economy and a society that embraces democratic values. It is a country of innovation and growth in several aspects. We look forward to welcoming you to our stunning island, filled with endless opportunities for growth.

A Success Story In Healthcare

The 2000 World Health Report included its first ever official ranking of the performance of health services, in which Malta placed third globally. The report looked into healthcare systems and health achievements on an international scale.

Since then, Malta continued to progress its health standards by upgrading existing medical facilities and by opening new state of the art health centres.

In numbers:

  • 1116 hospital beds in Government Hospitals
  • 25 operating theatres in Government Hospitals
  • 8 Government health centres in Malta and Gozo
  • 4.8 Hospital beds per 1,000 people in Malta
  • Specialist surgical workforce of 84.85 per 100,000 population
  • Health expenditure per capita USD 39530