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E.J. Busuttil Ltd has donated a cell imaging machine to the University of Malta, which will help expand stroke research locally. The cell imaging machine will help scientists at the University of Malta Research Innovation and Development Trust (RIDT) to carry out better investigations with regard to cellular dynamics.

Improving Malta’s quality of life

Since it was founded by the government of Malta in 2011, RIDT has raised awareness about the importance of conducting research on a national level across various sectors. Additionally, it was set up with the intention of attracting the funds from private and corporate entities to aid the research currently being done.

As one of Malta’s, leading healthcare and laboratory equipment providers, E.J. Busuttil Ltd is supporting the cause by donating this cell imaging machine. Managing director, Edwin Busuttil said, “Being of great assistance to the University of Malta, in its mission on stroke research, is another practical way how we can help.”

Cutting-edge technology

This is a machine that has been built to meet the standards required by the University’s Stroke Research Group. Built with the latest technological advancements such as onboard computer, innovative LED light source, its features also include time-lapse imaging, multi-well plate scanning, image stitching and tiling, and cell counting.

Head of RIDT, Prof. Mario Valentino believes his team will be able to conduct better research with the help of this machine. He said, “This tool will provide us with high-quality imaging, easier than ever before. The ground-breaking design with integrated hardware/software, no bulbs, no alignment, no ongoing costs or maintenance, will be very beneficial to our research team who is working on a very tight budget.”

The impact technology is having on our healthcare and well-being is immense. As a company that is committed towards improving the quality of life, E.J. Busuttil Ltd hopes that this donation towards stroke research will benefit the cause and raise more awareness.